Sample recognition under LN2

  • Avoids robot crashes due to mounting of a second sample on an already occupied sample position
  • Detection of incorrectly mounted samples
  • Improved overall performance of robotic sample exchange

Magnetic Force Control

  • Control the magnetic force at each sample position by integrated electropermanent magnets (EPMs)
  • Minimize the holding force of indiviual samples to allow for smooth sample gripping
  • Load all samples automatically from a Uni-Puck housing on a SMART-Puck by increasing the magnetic force of the EPMs

Detection of up to 4080 samples

  • Detection of occupied sample positions by inductivity measurements
  • Sample detection with lid of the Dewar closed
  • SMART-Puck based on the Uni-Puck standard with 16 sample positions per puck
  • SMART-Pucks are placed in the storage Dewar filled with liquid nitrogen
  • Every SMART-Puck is equipped with a micro-controller
  • Detection of up to 4080 samples by interconnectiong 255 SMART-Pucks
  • Communication via RS-485 protocol
  • Magnetic force control requires only 9 wires between controller unit and SMART-Pucks