Gripper with integrated sample cooling
  • Integrated LN2 reservoir provides cryogenic sample cooling by releasing a continuous stream of cold nitrogen gas
  • Prevents ice formation on crytstals in the gripper for > 2 min when the gripper is moved out of LN2
  • Compatible with standard sample changing robots
  • Gripping mechanism operated by pressurized air

Flexure-based mechanics
  • All moving parts based on flexural hinge mechanics
  • Flexure-based design guarantees long life time and high reliability
  • Ideally suited for cryogenic environments

Novel Gripping mechanism
  • Gripping of samples beneath the base
  • Form-fitted gripping mechanism reduces the gripping force to a minimum
  • Standard gripping head specially designed for SPINE style sample mounts
  • Customized gripping heads available

Minimized heat transfer
  • Reduced gripping force allows for long gripping arms to minimize heat transfer into the dewar
  • Carbon fiber gripping arms for minimum thermal conductivity