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About Suna Precision

We combine the expertise of conducting scientific research with high precision
engineering skills and a professional quality-oriented service.

The company suna-precision GmbH is a small enterprise founded in 2014 by a group of scientists and engineers working at DESY
(Deutsches Elektronen Synchrotron) in the field of nano-positioning, automation, and synchrotron radiation instrumentation.

We aim to achieve the highest mechanical precision possible by using state-of-the-art technology: our translation
and rotation stages are mainly based on flexural hinge designs and air-bearing technology.

Serial crystallography

Serial crystallography is a new technique for structure determination from several hundreds  to hundred of thousands of micro-crystals, which was first developed for XFELs and is now a growing technique at synchrotron sources. Being a DESY spin-off company, we have outstanding expertise in this emerging field, and offer a variety of well-tested equipment for such experiments. This includes the Roadrunner goniometer for high-speed fixed target serial crystallography experiments, which is exclusively licensed by DESY, low background silicon chips and a Tapedrive-based sample delivery system.

Imaging systems

We offer a variety of high resolution imaging devices for both sample and X-ray beam visualization. Our on-axis sample viewing microscopes are equipped with a drill hole through all optical elements allowing the X-ray or electron beam to pass though the optics while at the same time providing a high resolution optical image of the sample. Additional optical ports allow for through-the-lens sample illumination and laser excitation for pump-probe experiments. Different options for our microscopes, including in-vacuum versions and five-axes positioning systems, are available.
Our phosphor-based high resolution X-ray viewing systems are built in a modular fashion and be equipped with different objectives and cameras. We provide different imaging geometries aiming for highest spatial resolution, detection efficiency, and a large field of view.

Positioning systems

We offer a variety of translation and rotation stages for high precision positioning of equipment and samples. For applications requiring longer travel ranges in combination with high loads we offer stages equipped with conventional linear bearings in combination with stepper and servo motors. For high speed scanning applications we further offer motorization with brushless linear and voice coil motors. All stages can be equipped with positional encoders and are also available as ultra-high vacuum (UHV) compatible versions. As a specialty we offer our collision-safe translation stages, which detach from the spindle in case of a collision. We also offer custom designed translation stages, specifically designed for your application.

Sample environments and sample handling

Until now most experiments with X-rays are performed at ambient conditions. With their high penetration power X-rays offer the unique potential to perform experiments at non-ambient conditions, such as elevated temperatures or high pressure. For such experiments we offer measurement chambers with adjustable temperature and relative humidity.

For cryogenic sample storage and exchange we sell storage dewars, robotic arms and sample grippers as individual components and also as complete systems with control software.

Fields of expertise

We are a team of engineers, technicians and scientists working closely together to develop and build high precision instruments for experiments with x-rays and electrons. Our expertise covers the entire product development chain starting with a concept study and ending with a turn-key ready solution.

For this we employ state of the art CAD design and FEM simulations, our own CNC machining facility, development of controls electronics, and software implementations.

In addition to our standard products we offer special developments according to the customers’ needs. suna-precision products are used at several state-of-the-art synchrotron sources, X-ray free electron lasers (XFELs), and high energy electron diffraction facilities around the world.