HIGH RESOLUTION imaging of samples with X-RAYS

MHz Tomoscopy


In the framework of an EU Pathfinder project together with partners from European XFEL, DESY, Lund University and more, suna-precision is developing a high-precision multi-projection x-ray microscope to be used at the European XFEL. The project aims at the investigation of ultrafast processes with sub-microsecond time resolution in 3D. The experimental setup built by suna-precision includes up to six compact monochromator units, which split and diffract the x-ray beam at different angles. These diffracted beams physically overlap at the sample positions, so that the sample can be viewed from different angles, thus providing 3D information with one single x-ray pulse. After interacting with the sample, the different x-ray beams are imaged with a suna-precision high resolution x-ray microscope. By combining the information from these individual microscope images, a 3D model of the sample can be obtained using computational methods. By utilizing the MHz repetition rate for such experiments, stochastic processes such as cavitation can be investigated with high spatial and temporal resolution in 3D.

Tomoscopy principle

Setup overview

Monochromator units

Sample positioning

Microscope system

Integrated controllers