MICROSCOPY with visible light in combination with X-RAY AND ELECTRON BEAMS

On-axis sample viewing microscopes OM-1 and OM-2

Visualisation of samples in high resolution

Experiments with X-rays and electrons tremendously benefit from an independent sample observation with visible light. Our compact on-axis
sample viewing microscopes allow visualization of the samples at high resolution and coaxial to the incident X-ray or electron beam.
For this the microscope objectives and a deflecting mirror are equipped with drill holes in their optical axis, allowing the beam to pass through.
Optical ports of our OM-1 and OM-2 allow for through-the-lens illumination and laser excitation of the samples. In contrast to our basic version
OM-1, the OM-2 is equipped with a 5-axis positioning system and also available as ultra-high vacuum (UHV) version.

Configurable optics

Integrated laser excitation and sample illumination

Flexible mounting options and operating environments